The Pirates League

The Pirates League

Most newcomers to Walt Disney World’s main theme park are familiar with the infamous Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We aren’t starting there, but we will plunge into that tale next week. For today, we are looking at a hidden gem right under your nose, just outside of Pirates of the Caribbean. This is your chance to join the likes of those savvy scallywags.  This here is The Pirates League! Bury your treasure, roll up your maps, grab your parrot and let’s get started with our…

Know Before You Go Essential Facts

  • The ultimate pirate makeover is located in the Magic Kingdom in Adventureland
  • You must be at least 3 years of age, adults are welcome
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older during the entire experience
  • The fright factor is 2 out of 5
  • There are 4 individually priced packages starting at $39.95
  • Separate theme park admission is required
  • Hours of operation vary, but normally run 9 am – 4 pm
  • Reservations can be made 180 days in advance, and are highly recommended
  • To book, ask your travel agent or call 407-WDW-CREW, 407-939-2739

2014-05-03-11-35-10The magic of Walt Disney World is its ability to transport you to a different time and place. The detailed environments created by the Imagineers are treasures in and of themselves.  However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Chances are you have seen your fair share of tiny princesses wandering around the park. Thanks to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, little girls have the chance to be transformed into Belle, Ariel, Elsa, and more. So, what about the boys? Or the girls that prefer the smell of salty sea air to the dusty confines of a stuffy palace, where do they go?  The Pirates League!

The Pirates League is a richly themed environment that takes everyday boys and girls and transforms them into full fledged pirates or mermaids. It all starts with a visit to the small boutique located next to Pirates of the Caribbean.

There is a check-in desk located at the entrance to The Pirates League. When you check-in, you will be asked to select your pirate look of choice. Your options will be determined by the level of package you purchase. Before we walk down the plank of our pirate makeover, let’s cover the different packages and what they include:

First Mate Package


  • Facial makeup to look like a Ghosted Pirate, Zombie, Captain Hook, Blackbeard or Black Eyed Jack
  • Reversible bandana
  • Earring and eye patch
  • Sword and sheath
  • The Pirates League Bag
  • Temporary Tattoo
  • Unique pirate coin necklace
  • Official Pirate Name
  • Personalized pirate oath

The Captain Hook Deluxe Package


  • First Mate Package inclusions
  • Captain Hook Costume (youth sizes only)
  • Captain Hook facial makeup
  • Toy Hook

The Empress Package


  • Vibrant makeup, lip gloss, nail polish and face gem
  • Unique pirate coin necklace
  • Temporary tattoo
  • The Pirates League bag
  • Official Empress Name
  • Personalized pirate oath

The Mermaid Deluxe Package


  • Mermaid Costume (youth sizes only)
  • Luminous mermaid makeup and makeup palette
  • Mermaid hairstyle and color-changing hair clip
  • Distinctive mermaid necklace
  • Nail polish
  • Mermaid sash

a-pirates-life-for-meIf you were paying attention you should have noticed the biggest difference between the basic and deluxe packages (other than price) is the addition of a costume. That brings us to our first tip: purchase your costume before your trip, or opt for a cleverly designed t-shirt to save some money. With the facial makeup, bandana, earring, eye patch, sword and sheath, it doesn’t take much to complete the look. On the other hand, if you are ever going to indulge and go all out, this is the time to do so! A full blown pirate or mermaid costume is a great way to create some magical memories, and to continue to relive them at home.

2014-05-03-11-37-42Hopefully, the other thing you noticed was the mention of an official pirate name. That brings us to the next step in the process to joining The Pirates League. After selecting your package and facial makeup you will be granted access to come aboard the Pirates salon. Your first stop inside is the naming station. This is a fun interactive process where each participant gets to answer some questions and spin the Captains’ wheel. Connected to the wheel is a rod with a small treasure chest, commonly referred to as the Box of Paradise. Inside the box is a pair of two large dice. Get it, a box of pair of dice? Moving right along, after spinning the wheel your Pirate Master will reach into the chest and pull out the dice. Taking the numbers from the dice, the Pirate Master will look into the log book to determine your pirate name. Expect the unexpected when it comes to a name for a pirate!

2014-05-03-11-08-42But what’s a good name without a great look? For that you stroll into the next room where your comfortable leather chair awaits. This room is larger than the first, but just as dark. The lanterns give out just enough light for your Pirate Master to see where to apply your temporary tattoo. Each Pirate Master is a character and they do their best to have some fun with you while teaching you the pirate way. They relay their stories of buried treasure, tease you and each other, yell pirate sayings across the room and just generally have a good time. All the while, they carefully transform your look through facial makeup. After only a few minutes, you won’t recognize yourself! By the time your look is complete you can’t help but feel like a savvy scallywag!

So, you have the face of a pirate, and the name of a pirate, but you aren’t a pirate just yet. To complete your journey you must first recite the pirate oath. It goes something like this:

I Benjamin Cabinstealer 

pledge to be a true and honest pirate

one that can always be trusted, 

not to be trusted.

To run from fights

that I cannot win, 

and to win fights

that I cannot run from.

I’ll plunder treasure

with a hearty laugh,

seek freedom with a hearty heart,

swab the deck with a hearty hand, 

and sing Yo Ho in a hearty voice, 

over and over and over. 

Yo Ho! 

img_0329With your pledge to the pirate way complete, you are an official pirate! This status grants you access to one more room in The Pirates League, the hidden chamber. No pirate hideout is complete without a hidden chamber and this one is pretty cool! As an official pirate myself, I have been sworn to secrecy about the location and contents of the chamber. I’m afraid you will have to join The Pirates League yourself if you want the skinny on this treasured secret! What I can tell you is that you get to take a picture to commemorate your life as a buccaneer.

With your transformation complete you are ready to head back into the park. If you still want to dress up your pirate look a bit more, there is a shop at The Pirates League where you can purchase costumes, hats, and portraits.

I highly recommend making Pirates of the Caribbean your first stop after visiting The Pirates League. Riding the classic Disney ride as an official pirate is about as immersive an experience as you can find! Depending on what time of day you reserve your pirate makeover, you may want to coordinate a Fastpass+ reservation for the neighboring ride.  Shoot for about 45 minutes after your time at the league begins.

Those are the basics of The Pirates League.  If you would like to hear about my personal experience of becoming a pirate be sure and listen to this week’s podcast!


The Pirates League is an experience I highly recommend for anyone looking for some extra magic. The Cast Members were so kind and make this such a memorable experience. The whole family enjoyed their time in The Pirates League and we still talk about it to this day.

One of my favorite stories from our trip to The Pirates League came late that night. That however, is a tale for another time. For today, we are setting sail into the sunset. I hope today has inspired you to look into The Pirates League. It may not be an experience you opt for on your first visit to Walt Disney World, but returning guests looking for something different should most certainly check it out. Any big fans of pirates or mermaids will want to make time this unique adventure.

If you are ready to become a pirate here are some additional details you need to know before booking:

  • Please check-in 15 minutes before your experience is scheduled to begin. The Pirates League is located between the entrance of Pirates of the Caribbean and Plaza del Sol Bazaar.
  • Guest must arrive with hair combed or brushed through and, if applicable, have clean, bare fingernails. Guest must be free of any scalp or skin conditions within the past 30 days.
  • The packages are priced at $39.95 and $99.95 for boys, and at $39.95 and $79.95 for girls.
  • All prices, package components and information are subject to change without notice.
  • Costume selection & sizing may vary.


If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with The Pirates League please let me know! Just go to our Facebook page at and leave a comment or message us your questions.  You can also send an e-mail to

Thank you so much for joining me today.  I hope you have had fun speaking like a pirate. I hope that you have a great week and until next time, make each day a ride worth taking! Yo ho!

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