Rider Roundtable: Thrills or Spills

Rider Roundtable: Thrills or Spills

Hello there fellow riders and welcome back to the WDW Ride Guide.  I’m your host Ben Crain and I am excited to have you join me today.  Last week we started exploring the holidays at Walt Disney World when we looked at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  When that podcast released the party had not started yet, but when this episode hits your ears the party will be in full swing.  One update I want to share is that we have learned the party is going to include Frozen favorites Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf.  Yes, the Frozen Holiday Wish is back this year and Elsa will be transforming Cinderella’s Castle into a frozen masterpiece.  This is the show we referred to as the Christmas Dream Lights in the podcast.  Hopefully, all the Frozen fans listening will be excited to hear this news!

I originally planned to continue our look at holiday happenings in WDW this week, but I have decided to put that on hold for one week.  Next week, we will get back to exploring the festive celebrations taking place around Walt Disney World.  This week I have the great opportunity to bring you another Rider Roundtable!  You see, I am currently on vacation, spending some time with my wonderful family.  We aren’t in Disney World this time around, but we are still making each day a ride worth taking, having a blast!

Today we are introducing you to two new guests.  I am very excited to have my sister Kristin and my brother-in-law Jeff on the podcast for the first time.  Jeff and Kristin are the parents of our twin nephews that I talk about often on the podcast.  They have been to Walt Disney World multiple times, but come from different Disney backgrounds and have very different tastes in rides.  So, today we are going to take about rides that offer the best thrills, or those that might make some, um spill their lunch.

Without further ado, pull up a chair and let’s go around the table!

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