Ride Report: First Visit to Hollywood Studios

Ride Report: First Visit to Hollywood Studios

I’m very excited about today as we are kicking off a brand new series called Ride Report.  This will be similar to our Ride Roundtable episodes, but only include one guest and be focused on reports from the parks.  I had the idea a few weeks ago when my good friend Darrell Darnell came back from his first visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We got to talking about his day trip to the park, and I realized his experience was a little different from anything we have reported here on the Ride Guide.

You may recognize Darrell’s name as he has been the editor for our podcast since day one.  In fact, without Darrell I’m not sure there would be a WDW Ride Guide today.  Darrell has been podcasting since 2008, and is   the owner of Pro Podcast Solutions and Golden Spiral Media.  His work has garnered multiple podcast nominations and awards, and his team helps podcasters around the world.  I have been listening to Darrell’s podcast since 2008 and he has been so inspiring to me over the years.  Seeing the positive impact he was having on his world through podcasting inspired me to start the WDW Ride Guide over two years ago.


On the podcast this week we sit down and talk to Darrell about his very first trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!  Darrell was in Orlando for two different business conferences and had a free day in between the two conferences.  So, what do you do with a free day in Orlando?  Why go to Walt Disney World of course!  Of course, with only one day you have to make the tough decision about which of the four parks to visit.  As a HUGE Twilight Zone fan, this was an easy decision for Darrell.  Join us on the podcast now to hear all about Darrell’s first visit to Hollywood Studios in this Ride Report!

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