March Magic is Back!


March Magic is back!  This is one of my favorite times of year and no its not because of basketball.  Forget about filling out that other bracket, there is only one that counts as a Disney ride fan.  This is the time for Disney rides to really shine!

Last year the Gracey Manor Ghouls from The Haunted Mansion took the grand prize all the way to the after life.  This year 31 other teams hope to claim glory as fans vote for their favorite Disney ride!  Beginning March 15, 2016 you can begin voting as the teams go head to head, with only one moving on to the next round.  We will share the daily match ups on our Facebook page, or you can vote via Disney’s Twitter account.  The final round will take place on April 4 as the last two rides standing compete for your vote.  You can download the tournament bracket below, follow along online, and see who really knows their Disney rides!

March Magic


To cheer your team on you can show your support by sporting exclusive t-shirts and posters created just for March Magic 2016!  From March 15 – April 10 the Disney Parks online store will be releasing a series of 32 shirts and 32 posters.  These colorful creations will showcase ride logos on the front and numbers on the back.  What is the significance behind the different numbers?  Well, if you said the year the ride opened you are probably right!  There will be a couple of shirts with other numbers of significance, the fun is discovering what that might be.  We will be posting updates throughout the tournament to highlight the teams at play.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 1.27.16 PM

In the meantime go get your shirt order in!  Just think about how cool you will look showing off a Midway Maniacs t-shirt next time you are in the park!  The shirts run $27.95 each, or buy 2 for $44.00.  The posters will be 24″ x 30″ and cost $45 each.  Just don’t delay as the t-shirts won’t all be available the entire run of the tournament!  Only the teams that advance to the next round will continue to be available to purchase.  In other words , fans of The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover may want to snag a Tomorrowland Movers shirt while you still can!  Here is the calendar of availability:

  • March 15-24 – All 32 team shirts available online from Round 1.
  • March 24-29 – The 16 team shirts from Round 2 available online.
  • March 28-31 – Team shirts for remaining eight teams in Round 3 available online.
  • April 2-5 – Team shirts available online for final four teams in Round 4.
  • April 4-6 – Team shirts for two remaining teams available online.
  • April 5-10 – Team shirt for March Magic 2016 winner available online.

Good luck to all the rides and may the best Imagineering win!

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