Club Villain

Club Villain

I thought it would be fitting to kick off 2016 by looking at one of the new events launching this week over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Heroes may want to sit this one out, it’s time to explore the all new Club Villain! Let’s get started with our know before you go essential facts:

This special event is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios
A separate special event ticket purchase is required
Reservations are recommended
The event runs on select Saturdays in January & February
The event begins at 7:45 pm
Alcoholic drinks are served
Disney Dining Plan entitlements may not be redeemed for this event

Those are the facts. Now time for the fun!

Dr. Facilier, the master of voodoo, is inviting you to join his band of fiendish friends as they eat, sing, dance, and laugh their sinister laughs late into the night. At the all new Club Villain, you can celebrate malicious deeds of darkness with your favorite Disney villains. If you are tired of the heroes getting all the attention, then this is the party for you!

Your master of ceremonies is the devious foe from Disney’s The Princess & The Frog, Dr. Facilier. He kicks off the evening with some good ole’ southern hospitality as he invites you to sit down to a meal you won’t soon forget. It seems even villains know how to be good hosts. You are escorted in and seated at long banquet tables. Be prepared to bump elbows with some fellow villain lovers as you make new friends during this meal. At Club Villain you will dine on the specialities of Dr. Facilier’s swampy stomping grounds. No, not frog legs. Only the finest delicacies from Louisiana will do! Prepare your palettes for spicy shrimp sautéed with Andouille sausage, Voodoo sticky “pig wings” with a citrus gremolata, and tender beef strip loin rubbed with herbs de Provence. Sounds pretty tempting huh?

Well, the temptation doesn’t stop there. Dr. Facilier has looked into the past, present, and future, and found the best recipes for some cocktails that are sure to get things hopping. Speciality drinks, beer, and wine are all included when you party with the villains. Just be sure to have that I.D., you must be 21 or older to taste the brew. We wouldn’t want our villains getting into any more trouble than they already do!

Speaking of the other villains, just who can you expect to see?

Well, the party gets a little extra chill when Cruella de Vil joins the party. I have to admit I have never liked Cruella. I guess I’m too much of a dog person to understand how anyone could be so evil that they hunted puppies to make a coat! I mean, that is messed up! Giving someone a poisonous apple because of insecurity issues I can understand. Even losing your temper and shouting, “Off with their head!” could be forgiven. Oh, and if we had the power to change into a fire breathing dragon, I think we can all admit that we would. However, harming innocent polka dotted puppies? That just crosses the line for me.

I guess that is what makes Cruella de Vil such an iconic villain. The gangly looking crazed woman is joined by other fan favorites: the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and the Queen of Hearts. Together these divas are sure to enchant you with some stage show magic. Don’t think that you can only admire them from afar though. Once dinner is complete, the show comes to you as the villains mix and mingle with their fans. If you want to make a good first impression with the majesties of mayhem, be sure to give a polite bow. The Evil Queen and the Queen of Hearts love this kind of attention! Oh, and you might want to let Maleficent know that you will personally see to it that she is invited to any upcoming parties you may be hosting yourself. She hates being left off the guest list! As for Cruella, well again I’m not a big fan so I’m not sure how you please her. If it were me, I’d probably tell her her fur is out of style just to get her all riled up. These are just a few ideas to help you break the ice, but try to think of some more yourself. The villains love it when you can relate to them. They are pretty self-absorbed after all. Once you are off on the right foot, the house DJ will crank up some wicked jams and the dance party can begin!

This is your chance to let your dark side show. You can enjoy a great meal and drinks while watching Disney’s worst do their best to entertain you. On top of that, you can actually mingle with your favorite baddie and show them your best dance moves while this corner of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is filled with thumping music. As far as entertainment goes, it is a pretty unique offering. If that gets your heart pumping and your brain scheming, here is what you need to know to make it into the party:

First, you need to be going to Walt Disney World in January or February this year. As of right now, the party is limited to a handful of Saturday nights. At the time of the podcast, here are the select evenings you can attend:

Jan. 16th
Jan. 23rd
Feb. 6th
Feb. 13th
Feb. 20th
Feb. 27th

Reservations are recommended and can be made by booking online or by calling (407) 939-3463.

Second, be ready to open up those wallets. The cost for Club Villain is $99 per person. The cost is the same regardless of age, so if you are thinking about taking little ones to the event, be prepared for a pricey evening. Also, keep in mind that alcohol will be served and the event doesn’t begin until 7:45 pm. Disney does allow children, but the flat rate, late time, and adult beverages do seem to indicate they expect more of an adult audience. On the bright side, your $99 admission price does include tax and gratuity. Considering you get a nice meal, drinks, and a show, the cost is not so surprising. Just remember that you will need separate admission to the park, so the $99 is on top of your daily ticket. Finally, you can’t use any Disney Dining Plan credits towards the event so keep those Magic Bands holstered and break out the credit card.

Once you have your reservations made and the time comes to face your fears, you will head down Sunset Blvd. Club Villain is located at Sunset Showcase, a new venue tucked back into the courtyard of Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. Speaking of that amazing roller coaster, why not plan to get to this corner of the park an hour early so you can take a couple of rides! Nothing will put you in the mood for spooky delight like a nighttime ride on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Well, that should get you ready for this brand new experience! Club Villain is sure to be a night you won’t soon forget. If you make it out, I would love to hear about your favorite part of the experience. Did the food take the cake, or did you make a magical memory with your favorite villain? Leave a comment or send us an e-mail at Also, I would love some pictures from this event! I’m very excited to say I will be in the parks here in just a couple of weeks. However, Club Villain will not be going on during my time there so any pictures you can send our way would be fantastic. We may even use them on our Facebook page or website!

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